How To Choose Wall Decor For Your Bedroom

There is something magical about a truly well-designed room. From the moment you step into it the attention to detail stands out. Drapes will compliment upholstery, all furniture in the room will be in unison, cupboards match dressers, which in turn match bedside tables finished thoughtfully with a well-chosen bedside lamp.

It’s easy to see when a room has been designed with purpose and a clear objective. Whether the room is an oasis of calm or an emotionally driven haven of color, the common theme is most well-designed bedrooms is consistency. Generally, people tend to select the components of their bedroom individually without giving much thought to how they’ll affect the room when combined together. We know what type of flooring we want, the type of the dressing table we like, or what color walls we desire, but we often forget to picture what the room will look like once the items are combined together.

Designing a room is more art than science. To achieve the perfect balance we need to think about how each component of the room affects the other and understand which aspects of the room are inherently complementary. An area of the room which is often overlooked, but makes a big difference is the walls. Choosing the right piece of wall decor can really improve a bedroom and selecting the right piece of wall art for your room is surprisingly easy if you follow these simple tips.

The Art Should Match Your Theme

It’s easy to pick a piece of wall art that we are drawn too, but the trick is to pick a piece that compliments the overall theme of the room. Canvas paintings are perfect for modern contemporary rooms. ┬áThe right piece combined with a modern furniture set will often create the desired ambiance, in the same way, wooden picture frames set against exposed beams create a traditional look which is perfect for older homes stacked with character.

Think About Size

When selecting a piece of art for your bedroom it pays to think about the size of the piece. If your walls are bare and you are looking for a centerpiece fixture then choose an imposing piece capable of drawing attention. If your room is smaller with wall mounted shelves try picking a smaller piece of art as large fixtures, in small rooms create a feeling of clutter and claustrophobia.

Pay Attention to Colour

The most important factor when choosing wall art is its color. When selecting a piece of art it’s important to think about how its color impacts the room. If you’re designing a calm tranquil room it’s a good idea to choose pieces which are predominantly green, blue or made up of pastel colors. Deep reds, pinks, and purples are emotionally driven colors and are best for creating rooms which are sensual and passionate. The neutral plain colored decor is great for complimenting modern rooms.

Choosing the right wall decor can make a big difference to any bedroom and although the tips mentioned above are tried and tested, when it comes down to it, choosing wall art is a personal choice so going with your gut is never a bad idea.