Statement and Restatement

Students attend universities will complete many assignments in their biology chemistry or anthropology and English classes and to accomplish this goal they will create some steps or process to help them finish these assignments to aid these students in their writing projects Richard Marius in his article writing drafts outlines some steps that writers should follow in order to successfully complete these essays we go and put this in the talents because this is an article so we have all the Mars tonight different terms of what we do when we print the first draft we’re similar in our first draft and that we both outline our brainstorm before beginning the paper in addition we are also similar because we both make dramatic changes in our second drafts and we like to focus law on the sentence and word level of editing as we proofread our third drafts and therein lies our thesis. Learn how to make a good statement at

So let’s identify that maybe make it read now once we have that it’s very easy now to create our topic sentences our topic sentences are basically it’s a restatement of what we said in the thesis it is possible to use repetition and rephrase as a way of coherently connecting ideas together remember compare and contrast is very structured it makes it very easy for the reader to understand the ideas as long as you’re logical and follow some recognizable organization let’s take a look at the next one you can see how it works to put it like that now the next thing the other trick is you now have to introduce each writer and it’s it’s it’s it’s helpful to use a some type of transition word and try to avoid using exactly the same transition where these time so it introduced Marius in my second paragraph I’m using a word like for example we just make it blue now once I move from discussing Marius to discussing my process I do in this case use on the other hand because we are different in terms of what we do after we print the first draft.

It makes sense logically to use a word like on the other hand you could have said conversely in contrast or whatever as long as it shows an opposite type idea you’re good now in the next paragraph once we introduce Maris’s ideas here instead of the word for example we’re using for instance which does the same thing introduces a more specific idea now here’s a key once we move to once we go from discussing Marius and then we discuss my writing project or my final project here you use the words similarily because the two processes are similar here so you should use a transition word to show that relationship now it’s also interesting here is I chose to use the beginning in the beginning of this paragraph I use the overall word however because I’m no longer talking about a difference I’m now talking about some similarities that’s why I use the word however to show that paragraph 3 is different from the information that the reader has just read in paragraph 2 of course when I get to this paragraph I’m using the word envision because I’m talking about another similarity not a difference so I’m adding to paragraph 3 when it get to 4 so in addition and I both follow a similar approach in that blah blah.