How To Present A Dispute

If you choose a topic for your essay and it’s a topic which is related to some dispute you know right why the dispute is first don’t start with solutions to the dispute the analysis of the topic should be first analyze the topic for various angles is that clear so these are principles which you can always have in mind for any topic so easier said than done but when you write for the first thing only about that one is say if there is some Eureka moment where you have found some absolutely important point about the second disease then go to the last page and note it down but otherwise do not worry about the second is even your writing the first is a high finish the first is say then go to the second issue right so that you can give you can do full justice to the first essay that you are writing so this has always been the 2016 it was slightly different. Read more about disputes in essays at Edusson.

But there are four topics on philosophy for topics which are philosophical in nature in nature don’t split in higher on the Divine’s philosophy called topic doesn’t mean you’re expected to write like Plato or Aristotle and all you are still writing the same may say you have to bring a contemporary angle to it you have to bring a Indian angle to it so we will see some examples and I’ll just you know we will see how to analyze some of the philosophical topics that are being given what is required is understanding the import meaning of the cope and Link it to the current affairs how you link it to the current affairs how you link it to the contemporary thing as applicable lending hands to someone is better than giving a doll right so the idea is not to say that you know people should be hard-working they should all try and educate a man and try and tell em out you can always use that coats you know helping teaching someone how to fish is better than giving a fish you can start with that code in the answer but the idea is not just writing philosophically you will not give historical perspective contemporary perspective as to how poverty is widespread when you have poverty of such a large scale especially in a country like India it is impossible to keep giving dules right.

The doles may be a temporary measure but ultimately in the long run you will also prepare the system provide the structure so that people can can progress on their own then you bring out some of the schemes which are brought by the government which is more about blending hands to someone damn giving a dole you don’t want to just give a duel you want to create a search through MGNREGA you want the provider start up India so that people and products who are willing to experiment can get funds from the government and help and do it you want to promote skill development so that people can get skilled and get right so this question of thousand 2015 when all this skill India startup India stand up India so this philosophical topic is not something which is trying to test you on philosophy he does a lot of contemporary relevance.